Dog Rescue

Dog Rescue

Of course there is the old joke about a dog named Lucky. One of my favorite dogs in the neighborhood is a little, white terrier whose front paws are pigeon toed. I was leaving my favorite café when he ran into the street. I called for him to return to the sidewalk, “Lucky! Come here lucky!” He bounded back onto the sidewalk. Its owner is a rather severe woman and I said to her, “Lucky is so cute!”

She replied, “His name is Chance.”

Lucky, Chance—what difference does it make? Every since that day I’ve dared not pet her dog because I don’t want to be glared at. Yet, I so often see the lil’ feller with his fuzzy head and his cute angled paws walking down the street with her. Doesn’t she realize I saved her dogs life? That’s what I would call lucky.

Dog Rescue

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